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Payments and Shippments

Payment methods:

  • Payment in cash upon receipt from the store
  • Bank deposit
  • Secure payment with AlphaBank e-commerce system. (Credit card)
  • Secure payment via VIVA (Visa - Mastercard - Masterpass)
  • Coming soon PAYPAL

Shipping methods:

  • Collection from the store
  • Shipping by Speedex couriers
  • Shipping by shipment for large orders, by arrangement for place and time.

Cash payment in case of receipt from our headquarters or our store, this method does not incur additional costs.

Customized products must be paid in cash, bank deposit or e-banking.

Due to the long delays from the transport due to COVID-19, Post and Courier the payment by cash on delivery is NOT SUPPORTED.
For the protection of trade and business we no longer include cash on delivery.

Online shopping requires us to be responsible and to know the basics of using it and to take responsibility

when shopping. The stores are constantly struggling to evolve in difficult conditions. Our company proves by being next to the buyer who respects himself and does not make superficial purchases.

The data that the customer enters during the execution of an electronic payment, are not checked or processed or stored by but by the respective provider or payment server,

  1. The goods are sent, with transport companies selected by our company, throughout Greece and are delivered on the sidewalk. Alternatively, you can send to our headquarters the transport company or the courier company of your choice at your own expense, to pick up the goods, if you have previously paid for them.
  2. Samples are sent only with an advance payment of their value and shipping costs.
  3. The goods are not given in deposit and therefore changes and returns are not accepted (excluding defective goods which are changed, if within 10 days of receipt, our company is informed in writing about the problem). The machines are non-refundable, if they are damaged under warranty, they are repaired free of charge (out of warranty you will bear the cost of repair).
  4. In case you want to return, (always according to condition 3), you must first request and fill in the return form, send it to us by FAX or e-mail, and get an approval number. The return must be made with the company where you received the goods, otherwise we will not receive them.
  5. If the customer does not receive the goods ordered, is reserved for claiming compensation (payment of invoice, packaging costs, shipping costs & return).
  6. The goods always travel on behalf of and at the risk of the buyer and their delivery to the competent transport office is considered delivery at its headquarters.
  7. When ordering personalized gifts (in print), please first request a PRINTED sample. Our company takes it for granted that you know and are satisfied with the characteristics of the products you choose for printing.

Now your payments are easy and secure with the support of Alpha Bank.

Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, Diners, Discover.
using the Masterpass e-wallet.


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