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WoodSweetWood's wooden bow ties are a unique piece of jewelry that highlights your sophisticated style. Each bow tie is crafted with passion and exceptional artistry, creating an outstanding accessory for the special moments in your life.

The carefully selected wood used in these bow ties offers natural beauty and warmth. Exceptional attention to detail and customization options make each bow tie unique, embodying your personal style.

At WoodSweetWood, we respect the preferences of our customers. That's why we offer customization options such as design and color, allowing you to create a bow tie that reflects your personality. As you wear our wooden bow tie, you showcase authenticity and elegance with every move.

Brand: WoodSweetWood Model: Pap1
Wooden papigion for kids with name.We can create for you papigion's with name's ,ideal for any occasion!!!Every papigion come's in gift box...
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